Does education is only path to success?

Guide To Education

When you think about success do we really see that person has what degree what educational programs he attended from where he studied? Do we really see these things? No we don’t, we only see that how successful that person has become rather of his educational qualifications. In today’s time when it is so expensive to study people prefer not to because it’s not affordable to everyone. From the early age we are told that if we are educated then only we are successful but when you step out in real world and meet people who are inspiring despite of their qualifications in educational fields, we get to know what we have been taught and what is true. Most of the people think that education comes from schools and universities and if you’re from so and so University then only you will get a job but no corporate world doesn’t work like this if you don’t have real life skills studying from Harvard would be just a paper degree. But, I would never say that one shouldn’t be educated at all if you’re illiterate there is a 0% chance for you the only message I am conveying is you don’t need fancy degree from fancy universities to qualify your schooling. If you’re skilled, determined and focused if you really work hard for the things you want from life, life would never fail you.



But how could someone without a degree get successful? This seems surreal but in today’s world we have many examples of this but how did they achieve those titles? Only from there determination towards success, yes college degree will boost your resumes but if you want to make big on your own a college degree will be just a piece of paper. But without degree it is a lot more task to achieve this if you’re really dedicated towards your dreams and ambitions and willing to work hard for those then only you’re good. If not? School will only make you successful. If school doesn’t appeal to you just don’t quit it and say to your parents I will be successful without it, no there is always you can learn something or other. Dropping your whole education off the rail is not an easy task it needs courage and if you are not a risk taker then it is not meant for you. So path of success is the one you choose for yourself despite where you stand in life.